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The Kudzu Gazette offers low cost yet effective advertising. For starters, download our advertising rates sheet and media kit listed below. Then, contact our advertising department at

Download our advertising rates.


In order to view these files you need Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Discounts are available for businesses wishing to purchase bulk advertisements (advertisements in multiple issues). Please ask your advertising representative for more information.

A 10% Discount is available to non-profit organizations, upon request. Please contact your advertising manager for rates. A 25% disccount is available to NCSA students, alumni, faculty, staff, agencies, and recognized organizations. Discounted advertisements are printed based on available space.

Original ad composition fees are negotionable and availablity may vary. Typesetting and creation fees will be added to base advertisement prices.

Due to the wide age range of students on campus, the Kudzu Gazette will not accept advertisements promoting products not available to students under 18, such as alchohol.

Payment is due at least 5 days before publication. Overdue invoices will be charged a 15% service fee.

Regulations: the Kudzu Gazette assumes no liability for any error for which it may be responsible beyond liability to adjust and rerun the ad or give the advertiser credit for so much of the space occupied by advertisement as is materially affected by the error, and the sole discretion of the Editor-in-Chief. Acknowledgement of this liability rests in requirement that the Advertiser notify the Kudzu Gazette of any such error within fifteen days of publication of the issue in which the disputed advertisement appeared. The Advertiser agrees to indemnify and hold the Kudzu Gazette harmless from all costs, expenses (including reasonable attorney´┐Żs fee), liabilities and damages resulting from publication of any advertisement placed by the Advertiser.


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