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In NCSA's 40-year history, the school has only published a student newspaper for its first eleven years. The periodical in question was dubbed The N.C. Essay (get it?) through a contest won by Arturo Ciompi, a 12th grade clarinet student studying with Robert Listokin. It began in 1965 as a mere one-page calendar detailing the events of the three original schools of dance, music, and drama. By 1976 it was a classy, professional looking, eight-page publication. From what its faded sheets read, it was healthily controversial, and served an important role for the young NCSA as a place where information could be found and where students and other members of the NCSA community could express their opinions and concerns.

Sadly, The N.C. Essay faced many problems in the 1975-76 school year and therefore had to discontinue publishing. That year, the staff only managed to produce two issues before the Student Council Association (SCA) fired the editor. The third and last issue was produced by the rest of the staff as a means to prove to the SCA the value and importance of having a school newspaper; but in the end, they failed to do so and the paper's whopping $4,000 budget, derived from the student activities fee, was used to renovate the snack bar.

After 29 years, we are resurrecting the old N.C. Essay as The Kudzu Gazette, and in doing so aim to revive the hopes and ideals articulated by the former publication: our goals are to create a new way for the campus to intercommunicate and to promote a greater degree of unity among the five distinct schools. Even though NCSA is relatively small, having only 1,200 students, the staff of The Kudzu Gazette feels that our campus sometimes falls short of what the founder of NCSA, Vittorio Giannini, had in mind when he wanted to create an ideal artist's community. Too often it seems that students begin to feel as though they are living in a bubble, socializing only with students in our own arts school, and become alienated from the wonderful potential we have in making art together. The Kudzu Gazette is a collaborative effort, wherein every member of the NCSA community’s opinions and ideas are welcome.

-Adam Steele (Editor-in-Chief, '04-'05)

The Kudzu Gazette is published every third tuesday when school is in session. The publication dates for the 2007-2008 schoolyear are as follows:
October 2 -- Issue 4-1
October 23 -- Issue 4-2
November 6 -- Issue 4-3
November 27 -- Issue 4-4
January 8 -- Issue 4-5
January 29 -- Issue 4-6
February 19 -- Issue 4-7
March 11 -- Issue 4-8
April 8 -- Issue 4-9
April 29 -- Issue 4-10
May 20 -- Issue 4-11

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